Compatible with V2 units using the Area 419 V2 Housing, also compatible with V3 Auto-Tricklers. This is for the lid only.

Since we released the upgraded auto throw housing and the hopper, people have been unsatisfied with the rigidity of that junk plastic lid that comes with the A&D scale. We get it, our wives have tupperware with less flex. With the upgrade though, it had to be more than rigid. We wanted to improve the user experience – and it had to be sexy. We nailed it.

Made of Lexan, which is super clear and crazy strong, this lid is rock solid on the scale and doesn’t require those little gray plastic inserts with felt on them. You can also see through the lid down into the cup for a better view into what’s going on. This lid is compatible (of course) with our straw replacement, and should time very close to perfect each time.

We think you’ll love it.

Area 419 Replacement Lexan Lid for A&D FXi Scales

R1 540,00Price