The F-TAC bag is designed with the same features and benefits as the original F-TR bag, to fit over the scope and action, providing protection from the sun, dust and rain.


The F-TAC is a modern-day evolution to the original F-TR Bag. The bag has 10mm of thermal insulation and padding on the inside providing protecting to your scope from unintended knocks and bumps. It has 3 adjustable ®YKK clips with 25mm webbing that locks on the side of the Bag. Once set you can adjust the carry handle to move the rifles centre of gravity forwards or backwards as needed. It also has a detachable shoulder sling. The bag also as a built-in crown protector that is stowed out of the way when not in use. In addition, the F-TAC has 2 side pockets that can be used to store essential gear such as dope card, phone ect within easy reach as well as Molly Webbing to attach items with a carabiner and lots of Velcro for your favourite patch. The bag has also proven very useful on driven hunts and even when shooting off a truck.

Designed and build in Pretoria, South Africa


R1 090,00Price