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  • Smoothly seated reloads...
  • More precise measurements...
  • Tighter targets...

Properly expand your brass with the K&M Expand Mandrels before neck turning.

Virgin/competition Brass isn't quite ready to Neck Turn when you buy it. And the commercial die manufacturers have no set standards for the Expander button in their dies. Large variations from manufacturing to manufacturing and even within a given manufacturing makes it necessary to properly size the inside diameter before turning. Don't be fooled by slick talk. The turning pilot cannot be used to correctly expand the case neck because of the elasticity of the brass; it will spring" back and be too tight for proper Neck Turning. The 7/8-14 Threaded Adapter fits your Normal Reloading press and the interchangeable Mandrels are sized to be the perfect companion to the K & M MICRO ADJUSTABLE Neck Turner. The EXPAND MANDRELS will iron out (smooth) and slightly expand the case neck so the brass will spring back to the correct size needed to neck Turn your new Brass.

Don't forget about purchasing a Press Adapter if you don't already have one which is needed for the expanding mandrel to fit into. Also the Window Riser is the most consistant way to go to complete the set.


K&M Press Adapter Window Riser


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