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The Leofoto MA-30L is an inverted design dual-format rapid-lock ballhead. The MA-30L incorporates several revolutionary design approaches which makes it remarkably strong for its size and incredibly efficient and easy to operate. 

The first key feature is the inverted ball design - the clamp which holds the rifle is mounted directly to the ball. There is no stem between the ball and the clamp, which creates leverage and exaggerates the force applied to the ball.

The second is that instead of a screwing lock-knob, the head locks by means of a large lever, which clamps the entire head down around the ball. A combination of maximum surface area and the leverage achieved with the large lever means that you get far more locking power for the force applied than with a normal head.

Every other aspect of the head is designed to keep it as compact as possible and the result is that the MA-30L offers as much locking power as the conventional LH-47, but only weighs half as much. A much lower profile also keeps the rifle's center of gravity closer to the apex of the tripod.  

Combined with the new dual format lever clamp, it is sure to become the new benchmark in tripod heads for all disciplines of shooting and optics mounting.



  • Height: 70mm 
  • Mounting Hole: 3/8", M4
  • Weight: 330g
  • Max load: 15kg

Leofoto MA-30L Rapid Lock Dual Format Anvil Head

R5 999,00Price
VAT Included
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