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A leveling base allows quick and easy leveling of your tripod head to allow for convenient panorama shooting on uneven terrain. 

The Problem – Leveling a tripod by using the legs is a time-consuming nightmare that usually involves a lot of back and forth adjustment of the three legs. 

The Solution – A leveling base allows you to quickly level the mounting platform with a single adjustment. 

In-Apex Leveling Base

YB-75 – If you have a systematic style tripod with a modular apex, then one of the YB-75 leveling bases is the best option. It keeps the center of gravity low and the large 75mm ball makes fine adjustments easy, while providing a large contact area for good grip. The long column (YB-75LP) is the most convenient option, but it does not allow using the tripod in its lowest position. If you shoot in prone position a lot, then the short column (YB-75SP) is the better option. 

LC vs. LP?

The models with a ‘P’ at the end have a flat top with a 3/8” mounting screw – ideal for mounting a tripod head on. For 99% of photographers, this is the ideal option. 

The models with a ‘C’ at the end feature a lever-release clamp at the top. This is not practical for photographic applications and is designed for rifle/gun use, where the leveling base acts as the head and the rifle can be installed directly in the leveling base. 

Built-in Leveling Base

The ultimate solution for photographers is the CEX Ranger models, which have a built-in leveling base. This saves weight, keeps center of gravity lower keeps the tripod simpler.

Leofoto YB-75 Leveling Base for 75mm Bowls

R2 199,00Price
VAT Included
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