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Modular Barrel Vise Full Kit


Our Modular Barrel Vise allows you to quickly change your barrels whenever and wherever you want. Our innovative hinge lock bolt system allows you to quickly and separate your barrel from your action with unparalleled repeat ability and ease.

One of the best features of our Modular Barrel Vise is that it is just the first part of a complete system that we are developing. The ARCA bottom mount can easily be secured to a milling machine table, a bench top, or on a custom mounting platform like a 2″ square tube for a truck’s receiver hitch. We have other accessories being developed that will secure to the ARCA bottom mount that are intended for rifle care, maintenance and set up. All of this is done within seconds.

Because we built this product to last, our Modular Barrel Vise Kit has a 100% lifetime warranty for all parts manufactured by Short Action Customs!

Our vision is to empower every shooter to take rifle maintenance and barrel changes into their own hands. To provide a product system that gives all shooters the confidence to work on and maintain their own rifles. It all starts with our Modular Barrel Vise.

  • Mostly 7075 Aluminum Construction. Made in the U.S.A!

  • Excellent gripping strength on the barrel with properly sized bushings with little to no markings on the barrel.

  • Only 1 torque bolt for the fastest lock up on any barrel vise.

  • Modular system with more accessories to follow.


What is included in the Modular Barrel Vise Kit?

  • Modular Barrel Vise

  • ARCA Mounting Base

  • Aluminum bushing stand (Now anodized black)

  • Complete bushing set with .865″-.870″ Bushings, .925″-.930″ Bushings, 1.000″ Straight Bushings, 1.200″ Straight Bushings, 1.250″ Straight Bushings

What additional tools are needed?

  • Appropriate action wrench to fit your action (check out the SAC Modular Action Wrench!)

  • Breaker bar or torque wrench to apply torque



Modular Barrel Vise – Full Kit

R11 495,00 Regular Price
R9 999,00Sale Price
VAT Included
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