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The SA Tumbler™ is a high quality, proudly South African made, rotary cleaning system. Ideal for shooting enthusiasts to make spent shell cases look, and shoot, like new. It can also be used for many other rotary polishing applications such as smoothing and polishing cast jewellery for which specific tumbling media is also available. 


All new SA Tumblers™ come with the necessary tumbling media, as well as a sample sized cleaning solution kit, both of which can be purchased separately.

  • Cleans up to 150x 243/308 caliber casings, or up to 700x 9mm parabellum casings in one cycle

  • Uses readily available cleaning products

  • Comes with 2kg of the highest quality tumbling media made in-house and available separately

SA Tumbler (Stainless Steel Media)

PriceFrom R4 500,00
VAT Included
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