Our STEALTH Arca Weight system was designes with the competative shooters in mind. Giving them the ability to add additional weight to the forend of their chassis/stock system while still being able to run a ARCA system and not needing to remove the action to add or remove internal weights.


The system is designed to allow the shooter to easily add or remove weights as they desire in competition.


The system comes complete with a 275mm/10.8" Arca Rail, 6 nickle plated weights with countersink screws and mlok nuts and a STEALTH Arca Clamp.


The Universal rail allows the shooter to adjust the rail forward and backwards as desired.




-Clean Rail Weight - 129grams

-Fully Weighted Rail Weight - 490grams

-Singular Weight - 61grams

STEALTH Universal Arca Weight System

R2 650,00Price