Wild Man is the lightest hunting aluminum mini chassis in the world, It’s the first stock that merges an internal chassis core with a hunting stock. Wild Man has a classic feel with modern features.
Wild Man is a "drop in" system: it does not require pillars or extra bedding. Your action and barrel drop in and are ready to go.

Wild Man is compatible with Remigton, Ruger, Savage, Tikka, Sauer, Bergara, Defiance, Kelbly, Bat Machine, Bighorn Arms and others Rem700 clones. Check out our compatibility section below.



It takes a traditional style, integrated with groundbreaking technology with a classic look and feel, to offer today's outdoors enthusiasts a solid rifle stock to rely on. The Wild Man is designed to be the lightest hunting aluminum chassis in the world. The WOOX Wild Man rifle stock is an aftermarket replacement stock that is suitable for several different OEM rifle stocks from some of the largest manufacturers.

It is perfect for both a new build or upgrading your favorite hunting rifle. The Wild Man Precision Stock is made in Italy, and developed, assembled, and finished in Hickory, North Carolina.




The lightest hunting chassis in the world

The Wild Man is the lightest aluminum chassis in the world. It has been designed to combine the benefits of an aluminum chassis with attention to the weight that modern hunters required.

The Wild Man will improve all of your hunting adventures!


Improve your hunting accuracy and consistency

The Wild Man precision stock will improve your gun’s accuracy by leaps and bounds over any other factory stock.

It will provide a much more solid bedding system and it will keep your rifle as consistent as it possibly can be. The Wild Man will make your hunting rifle even more accurate.


You deserve a masterpiece

Stand out during your hunting session using a masterpiece of design and performance.

The Wild Man combines style and performance in a unique way. Its classic style will last generations.




Wild Man Precision Stock Details

TYPE HAND Right-handed / Left-handed
COLOR OPTIONS Walnut / Dark Forest
SIZES 30.5” or 77.5 cm
OAL 30 ½" or 77.5 cm
LOP min 12“ 15/16 or 32.9 cm
LOP max 13“ 15/16 or 35.5 cm
WEIGHT 3.2 lbs or 1.47 kg

WOOX Wild Man Precision Stock (PRE ORDER)

R9 600,00Price