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Rifle Mounted – Bluetooth Configured – Immediate Results!

Whether shooting in a competition, tuning an airgun, or just keeping a watchful eye on the speed your airgun is performing at, the new FX Chronograph Display is a must-have accessory. This digital display will syncs to the FX Radar Chronograph. It provides an instant feedback velocity reading, without the need to look away from your scope – as the FX Chronograph Display is mounted either under the scope on the FX Impact, or on the side accessory rail on other rifles using a picatinny adapter.

The FX Chronograph Display connects via Bluetooth to your FX Chronograph while also allowing your chronograph to still connect to the FX Radar Smartphone App (to allow for its features). Besides showing the feet per second for each shot taken, the display can also be utilized to show magazine shot count, show the battery charge left in your chronograph, as well as other forthcoming display options.

The display has a built-in battery that is recharged via USB-C cord.

Mounts to: Impact rear stock or Picatinny rail.

For those of you that have access to a 3D printer we now offer you to use our mount design for Maverick and Wildcat.

Note: We will not be able give any guarantees of function or liability, neither will we be able to give any support to 3D printing.


R3 950,00Price
VAT Included
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