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The APW Littlebird was exclusively designed for use with a .22LR. As most shooters do not reload custom ammunition for rimfire, we also added a model with an integrated tuner.

Availible in two configurations:

STANDARD - Short and sweet, the Littlebirds most compact silencer we produce. This makes your .22LR shooting sub sonics so quiet you will hear the firing pin fall. (Weight - 237g | Length - 138mm)

TUNER - The tuner gives the shooter the ability to tune the harmonics of their barrel to suit a particular brand of ammunition. This is especially useful in times of ammunition scarcity. Tuner section made from stainless steel to add weight and increase tuner effectiveness. (Weight - 333g | Length - 160mm)

Both versions have a tube diameter of 38mm.


The Littlebird features unmatched quality and performance that you've come to love, proudly manufactured and designed in South Africa.


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PriceFrom R2 395,00
VAT Included
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