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The Multi – Base is designed to be used with many Short Action Customs products. The Multi-Base offers many mounting configurations to allow multiple barrel vises and scope levels to be used at one time. In addition, the Multi-Base can be easily mounted to many surfaces by either screwing it down with commonly available hardware, or clamping it to a surface.

We use our Multi-Base for mounting our Final Scope Levels to perform tracking tests and to level reticles and scope mounted bubble levels. Inside the shop, we use it for mounting Modular Barrel Vises and Tripod Ball Heads for maintenance and set up of rifles.

In addition to the Multi-Base being screwed or clamped down, the Multi-Base has an ARCA rail built into the bottom. This allows the Multi-Base to be clamped to any ARCA clamp 2.750″ or shorter. Lastly, the Kinetic Research Group ARCA CLAMP can be secured to the bottom so the Multi-Base can be mounted to any ARCA rail. This way you can use the Multi-Base also as a shooting aid.


Weight10 oz
Dimensions4 × 6 × 2 in

SAC Multi-Base

R2 350,00Price
VAT Included
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