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Our Premium Expander Mandrel Set takes a step up in performance over our standard mandrel kits, offering advanced coatings that elevate its performance and durability.


Another significant enhancement found in the premium kit is the incorporation of Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated mandrels. The TiN coating is well-known for its wear resistance, inert properties, and remarkable friction reduction. By utilizing TiN-coated mandrels in the Premium Expander Mandrel Set, you benefit from reduced friction between the mandrel and the case neck, leading to smoother and more consistent resizing operations. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the mandrels themselves but also contributes to consistent neck tension and overall reloading precision.


One of the key advantages of consistent neck tension, facilitated by the APW Premium Expander Mandrel Set, is the reduction in Standard Deviation (SD) and Extreme Spread (ES) values. By maintaining a uniform neck tension across your reloaded rounds, you minimize variations in bullet release, ultimately leading to tighter groupings and increased accuracy downrange. With reduced SD and ES, you can expect more predictable shot placement, which is essential for long-range shooting where precision is paramount.


Another significant benefit of consistent neck tension is improved long-range performance. When the bullet is seated with consistent and uniform pressure against the neck of the case, it experiences less deformation and variation in muzzle velocity. This translates to enhanced ballistic consistency, providing the shooter with greater confidence in each shot and enabling them to effectively compensate for windage and elevation adjustments. With the APW Premium Expander Mandrel Set, you can expect improved bullet flight characteristics and increased hit probability at extended distances.


Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the APW Premium Expander Mandrel Set ensures a seamless fit within your reloading press, guaranteeing repeatable results with every use.


In summary, the APW Premium Expander Mandrel Set is an indispensable tool for reloaders and long-range shooting enthusiasts who strive for utmost accuracy and consistency. By achieving consistent neck tension through the use of these mandrels, you can experience reduced SD and ES values, enhanced long-range performance, and ultimately elevate your shooting capabilities to new heights. Invest in the APW Premium Expander Mandrel Set today and witness the tangible improvements in your reloading and long-range shooting endeavors.


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Deluxe Expander Mandrel Set

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VAT Included
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