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Built To Win All That's Left Is To Train


The MDT ACC Elite ensures that top-tier shooters reach the podium. This is a perfect fusion of design, engineering, and industry expertise. The end result, a competition chassis that outperforms anything to date.

Unmatched balance, recoil control, weight management, and utility, allow elite shooters to shave seconds off stage times and get more rounds on target.



The MDT ACC Elite Chassis System is an advanced fusion of design and engineering. It’s the most elite competition chassis on the market, providing an edge in control, speed, and stability for top-tier shooters.



Achieve instinctual point-and-shoot control through perfect balance. Elite shooters will find targets faster and be more precise. The updated forend and buttstock allow for modular weight adjustment and fine-tuning your balance point. Turn your rifle into a finely tuned precision tool.



The MDT ACC Elite creates the perfect rifle/shooter interaction. The MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock incorporates improved geometry for better fit and recoil management. Our MDT Vertical Grip Elite with Backbar and adjustable M-LOK Thumb Rest adjust to fit with precise comfort. The magwell and latch is adjustable to operate flawlessly with top-tier actions, removing any “slop” from the magwell.

The SRS-X Elite Buttstock that’s included in this rifle kit, boasts toolless, rapid adjustability, with two slots under the cheek rest storing allen keys so you’re never without.



The 19-inch, M-LOK forend with full-length integrated ARCA is customizable with interior and exterior weights, Baker Wings, and any other M-LOK Accessories. The ACC Elite forend is also drilled, tapped, and ready to accept our modular co-indexing Night Vision Hood or Control Bridge. The SRS-X Elite Buttstock can also be equipped with the compatible buttstock weight and rear bag rider.



Wider, thicker, and longer, the MDT ACC Elite forend is purpose-built to eliminate any measurable level of flexion while increasing the already incredibly stable platform. Custom cut grip tape for the underside of the forend is also included and can be installed to add texture, gripping onto barricades and bags.


What You Get

Your MDT ACC Elite Chassis System comes with all necessary hardware for installation, along with the following components.


-MDT ACC Elite Chassis Base

-MDT SRS-X Elite Buttstock

-MDT Vertical Grip Elite With Connector Bar

-M-LOK Thumb Rest x2

-Grip Tape x3

MDT ACC Elite Chassis System

R49 620,00Price
VAT Included
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