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Perfect for all long-range shooting disciplines, the MDT Vertical Grip allows fore and aft adjustment to accommodate any hand size.



Proper finger and hand placement are crucial for precision marksmanship. Due to varying hand size, marksmen often struggle with finger placement on the trigger. Not anymore. Fore and aft adjustment allows for perfect finger placement, and the vertical grip facilitates a straight pull on the trigger. Easily adjustable.

Realizing that the vertical grip orientation is the preferred position for some competition shooters, we at MDT have created our Adjustable Vertical Grip, consisting of a machined core and two polymer side panels.

The panels are removable and hold a similar shape to our original MDT Pistol Grip to provide comfort and hand support whether shooting prone or in position.

With our usual theme of modularity, these panels have been designed to slide forward and back allowing shooters to custom fit the grip to their liking. MDT’s vertical grip is compatible with standard AR pistol grip boss which means it can be used on any chassis in our product line and many from other manufacturers as well.


The MDT Vertical Grip is compatible with all of our MDT chassis systems for bolt action rifles. Please note, it was not designed to work on Ar-15 type rifles.

MDT Vertical Pistol Grip Premier

R1 750,00Price
VAT Included
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